A low carbon wedding

A low carbon wedding

There is no dispute that planning a wedding is not only an incredibly daunting, all-consuming task, but also expensive and not particularly environmentally sound.

Green credentials can get tossed out of the window as brides insist on the specific details that will make their dream wedding.

Roses are grown commercially in the Channel Islands for import, caterers often use vegetables and fruit flown in from all over the world and dresses can be ordered from the States to save those precious pennies.

The miles travelled by all these components that make up your day could send your carbon balance staggeringly out of kilter - add to that a honeymoon flight somewhere fabulous and you would be paying back that carbon offset for years to come.

Follow this link to see the full article: http://www.ethicalweddings.com/real-ethical-weddings/article/a-low-carbon-wedding/


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