Folly Farm team completes Mission Impossible challenge

At Folly Farm our conference centre offers a variety of team-building activities for corporate groups, including one of our most popular, Mission Impossible. It's a combination of navigating challenges across the nature reserve and mini tasks that test you both physically and mentally.

Since we have seen so many groups come back triumphant from an afternoon of Mission Impossible, we felt it only right that the Folly Farm Centre team test out the course one afternoon for two reasons. Firstly, we believe getting outside and into nature improves workplace productivity, so we always encourage conferences to take advantage of our beautiful rural location, so we thought we would practice what we preach. Secondly, we often get asked what Mission Impossible actually involves, so we just had to find out.

First, we were split into two teams and were told how it all worked. Basically, you are given a map of the reserve with the location of activities dotted on the map. As a team, you are given a few hours to navigate your way around and complete the activities as best as you can, as a TEAM! A member of the Mendip Outdoor staff accompanies each group and grades you on the success of the activity and on how well you worked as a team. I can assure you that the challenges really bring out the natural leaders in a group.

Off we went (both teams heading off in completely different directions thinking they knew best of course). I won’t give all the activities away but I will tell you that we: untangled ourselves from each other; guided planks across ‘islands’ to evade ‘shark infested’ waters (ok, it was grass); ran around trying to get a tennis ball in a bucket (harder than it sounds) and lifted each other through a spider’s web…

We raced back to the the Folly Farm Centre reception and enjoyed lunch together - just look at the homegrown salad pictured below, freshly picked from the kitchen garden that day - before announcing the winning team, who may have rubbed it in to the losing team just a little.

We hope this gives you a taste of what to expect on your team building trip to Folly Farm Centre. If this isn’t to your taste, why not try sheep herding or creative cooking instead? 


Sean Byrne