job vacancies


There are currently no vacancies at Folly Farm, however we always love to hear from passionate and professional people who would be interested in joining our team.

If you’d like to send your CV over to us in case of a vacancy in the future, please email us at


Working as part of a small team has given me the chance to take on new and exciting opportunities. I know every contribution I make goes a long way in ensuring the success of the business. Most importantly for me, it is the beautiful location and I relish the chance to spend time on the reserve
— Angela Jones, Folly Farm Events Administrator


corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering contributes a great deal to the continued development and maintenance of Folly Farm Centre and the surrounding nature reserve. Your business can work as a team to help develop the Folly Farm garden for vulnerable people and manage the nature reserve to protect valuable wildlife species. 

Inspire and energise your staff, demonstrate your corporate commitment to people and wildlife and build team morale whilst taking part in meaningful activities in a rich, natural environment.



Individual volunteering

Find out about more volunteering with Folly Farm Centre and the Avon Wildlife Trust.